Friday, January 27, 2012

First Impressions

I have arrived safely! The flight went well. I was seated next to a young woman named Tiva. We had really great conversations the entire time and she taught me about Israel! She is an atheist and I found it interesting to understand her beliefs, as well as share my own. I had hoped I would be seated next to someone who would give me insight, and she did just that. She grew up in Israel as a Jew and has lived in the USA the past seven years! (She also has a baby, just when I thought I was done babysitting!)

There was an immediate culture shift from the get go. A great majority of the plane was filled with Orthodox Jews. Besides take off and landing, there was literally never a moment when there wasn't a Jew up front praying. They would face a corner or wall and read parts of the Hebrew Scriptures. The best way to explain their attire is to compare it to that of the Amish. At times there were so many that they would block the aisles! I was so eager to see their practices, because I had never witnessed such acts!

After arriving in Tel Aviv I met up with other students and rode to the University. Tel Aviv is very westernized, like a mini NYC. (They even call it the city that never sleeps!) As we entered Jerusalem I began to see more of the Israel I expected. I was incredibly excited the whole drive! We arrived at the University, and what a beautiful view! The college is set on a hill, and has an amazing overlook. The pictures don't do justice to the beautiful campus and view. I will add more pictures soon! Thanks so much for the prayers. I am quite exhausted from flying and jet lag. Looking forward to getting a good night sleep!

Emma's letter :) such an encouragement!

The Sherut

Part of campus

                                                              View of Jerusalem from campus


  1. Wow! So cool! I can't believe you're actually there! :)

  2. I love that God sat you next to someone you could share with!

  3. thanks guys! Oh my goodness I can't believe I am here either! I feel incredibly blessed. And yes, the flight was literally ideal. I have always wanted to have an awesome conversation like that with a stranger!