Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jerusalem revealed.

Today was beautiful! It is winter until March, so it is a bit chilly with light rain. The day was filled with orientation activities; we learned the logistics of everything, safety, registration, etc. It started with a scavenger hunt in the Old City.  Jerusalem is split up into the Old City and New City. The Old City is divided into four sections, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Armenian. (And they are very distinctive!) All of the streets are small, in-between buildings and bustling. The new city feels westernized, while the old city is rich with culture and diversity. I found the scavenger hunt to be a good introduction, but the streets are very confusing because they are extremely crowded and compacted! 
The Hurva Synagogue

I am living in a treehouse! Not really, but that is what they call it. It is very high up, but the trade off is and extraordinary view. My roommates are awesome, and the room is quite cozy. 
That's my room, all they way at the top                   Court Yard Outside of the dorms

View from the roof

Tea. It reminded me of bubble tea from back home,
except the tapioca like texture was blended all the way 
through creating and very interesting..thick flavor. 


  1. wow!! i like the tree house :] and of course you had to try the tea haha. i love you!


  2. aww thanks hannah! I miss you as a roommate :) thanks so much for the encouragement love.

  3. amazing! what an incredible experience you are having - soak it up! i'm really proud of you.