Friday, March 2, 2012

Let it snow...

Hey everyone! It has been a lovely week here, and ended nicely as I woke up to snow flakes outside my window. My roommates and I headed outside early this morning to take a walk in the snowy streets. It has not snowed here in about five years, and there has been a drought these past seven years! This to say, it was a joyful city today.

I helped out again at Domari yesterday. There were gypsies that were traveling from Norway and they taught me about the formation of the people group. It started over a thousand years ago in India, and the group has traveled around since. It seems they have always been discriminated against. I finished up painting a project I had been working on the previous week, and then we had a delicious lunch made by Amoun!

These coming days are going to be very busy, there is a three day field study to the Dead Sea, Masada, the Negev and many other places! Tonight is Shabbat and will surely be wonderful!
Ash Wednesday Service 
Liz and I at Shabbat dinner 
Lunch at Domari, they feed us well! 
Laura and I at Domari, we painted these!

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