Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Third Temple

I just got back from a tour at the Temple Institute in the Old City Jerusalem. First, I would like to note that this blog post does not represent my own political view on the current political/religious situation. As of now, my opinions on the politics are still being formulated, because there much to comprehend. It may be easy to claim to be zionist or pro-Palestine, without fully understanding the entirety of the situation and how it impacts real people. I am learning that politics are not the ending factor, real people are at the core, and just because people have a different way of life, does not mean they are somehow lesser. 

Anyway, now that the logistics are out of the way, I will share my experiences at an Institute dedicated to building a third temple. A fews weeks after I arrived in Israel, I learned that people are in the works of preparing for a third temple. Where will this temple be built, you ask? That is a good question, since the Dome of the Rock stands on the Temple Mount. The tour guide did not say their reasoning on how their preparations will actually come into action.

This group has been working since 1987, to create an exact replica of the third temple articles. They have only built articles, and believe that the rock foundations will be laid from people from all nations (she said there is prophecy about this). Not only are they simply preparing, almost all of the necessary vessels are completely built. The only article unfinished is the curtain separating the holies of holies. Also, the Ark of the Covenant is obviously missing as well.  Our tour guide said she believes in a tradition saying that Josiah buried the Ark under the modern day Dome of the Rock. As of now, archeological digs cannot be completed because the Temple Mount is Muslim territory. 

This plan is certainly not supported by all Jews, and supporters of the third temple differ based on a variety of factors. 

This whole tour was so astounding to me, especially since this museum was a little hole in the wall place, in the midst of regular Jerusalem city life. If you have any questions about the tour today, or any other experiences, let me know (Email at I would love to share more about what I am learning.  

Here are pictures from the tour. These articles were built to replicate the second temple articles.

Menorah, 95 lbs of gold, 3 million dollars. 
Showbread table
Vessels for sacrifices 
Crown for the High Priest

Utensils for the temple priests 
Silver trumpets and Levitical harp.
The harp has 22 strings to represent the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Painting of the temple, light is coming from the chandelier in the picture below. 
Miniature model of temple

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  1. Can't help thinking how well this "3rd Temple" idea goes with the name of your blog... Unveiling Israel indeed. Wow. I still can't wrap my head around our tour!