Friday, May 4, 2012

The Final Days

This past week has been great! I have been finishing up the rest of my Israel bucket list- including Hezekiah's tunnel, going back to the City of David, going to the Western wall one last time, seeing (supposedly) Jesus' tomb in the Holy Sepulchure, going to the Garden tomb (another supposed tomb of Jesus), going to the Temple Mount and going to a Palestinian refuge camp (an awesome experience I hope to blog about soon, I learned a great deal about the Palestinian side of things). 

My academic semester is done! It is refreshing to be finished, yet I'm sad to see this season end.  Although, it's not over just yet! I leave early tomorrow morning to live with the Bedouin in Jordan, for a week! Sleeping under the stars, riding camels, no electricity, hardly any running water and eating some all natural food if you know what I mean. I'm pumped because I have been desiring a full cultural experience, and since I have been on an American campus it hasn't been an all encompassing cultural change. I sense this trip will certainly broaden my cultural horizons! I get back the 10th and leave early on the 11th to fly home!

Walking though the Old City
Temple Mount
Touching Dome of the Rock!

Temple Mount
Garden Tomb
Jesus'  tomb in Holy Sepulchre